Microsoft Sysinternals

Advanced tools like Microsoft Sysinternals' ProcessMonitor are essential for precise troubleshooting. They provide an X-ray view into system processes, file activities, and registry changes, helping uncover elusive issues that traditional methods may miss. These tools are the key to unlocking technology's full potential and resolving complex problems.

Mobile Device Management Expertise

I've managed a substantial number of mobile devices, the heart of this being with SOTI Mobicontrol, a powerful Mobile Device Management solution. With this platform, I've efficiently secured a large number of mobile devices, ensuring their seamless operation and compliance with company policies.

Computer Hardware

I have a enjoyment for computer harder, spanning from the everyday business-standard Dell Inspiron to the high-performance focused machines. I've explored custom builds, delving into intricate aspects like open and closed-loop water cooling systems.
Whether it's optimising performance, or resolving hardware failings, my expertise in computer hardware is a key asset in my tech toolkit.


I've built and maintained an extensive knowledge base, making troubleshooting a breeze not only for our users, but other technicians.
In addition to user-focused documentation, I've created instructional videos that simplify complex concepts, ensuring our customers can harness the full power of their technology. My goal is to empower users and enhance their overall experience.

SQL Server Maintenance & Support

My expertise extends to the management of SQL Server databases. I'm capable of configuring and implementing effective maintenance plans, ensuring the reliability and optimal performance of your database systems. Diagnosing slow queries and fine-tuning their performance is a vital part of managing a database, ensuring that your data retrieval remains swift and efficient.
Additionally, I have a keen eye for detecting and resolving deadlocks. A big part of this is by using the fantastic 'FirstResponderKit' from Brent Ozar. With the right tools finding deadlocks should be a breeze.

Supporting SQL-Based Applications

From retrieving essential data to identifying and resolving database-related issues, my SQL expertise ensures that I can support databases effectively. This knowledge allows me to offer comprehensive solutions and deliver support for all database needs.